A Tradition of Excellence since 1846.
A Tradition of Excellence since 1846.
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Job Opening- Entry Level Packager

Become part of an employee-centered, dynamic organization, we are currently looking to add staff to our factory. Come grow with us!

– We are currently looking to hire 5 entry level packagers to join our team.
– Our company is not a traditional factory; it is a bright and fun environment.
– All training will be provided on site for the selected candidates.
– The positions are available immediately.

Key Responsibilities:
– Package products according to company standards and specifications.
– Switch tasks frequently to ensure a dynamic and engaging work experience.
– Maintain a clean and organized work area.
– Meet production targets and quality standards set by the company.
– Collaborate with team members and supervisors to ensure efficient operations.

Required Skills and Qualifications:
– Ability to follow instructions and work independently.
– Strong attention to detail and accuracy.
– Excellent time management and organizational skills.
– Good communication and teamwork abilities.

Please apply directly on the Hanford site using the form below. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

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We offer many growth opportunities at Hanford. With some employees working here for over 30 years they have grown with the company and formed their own path here. As a people-centric company with comfortable and fun environment we ensure you are a priority and offer many benefits and other flexible options.

Some of our benefits include continued training and career development, a friendly work environment, a work/life balance, benefits start immediately upon hire, a generous paid time off policy, 12 paid holidays each calendar year, and more!


Privately owned and operated since 1846, Hanford Pharmaceuticals  (A Pharmasphere Company), has been one of the most respected contract manufacturers specializing in sterile filling of injectable antibiotics in the United States.
People Focused
  • People are our primary focus because we recognize them as the root source of the quality and productivity gains that improve efficiency and profitability and keep our products affordable.
  • To foster individual commitment, our teams and work environments are of human scale.
  • We conduct business in a work atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and personal interest to develop mutually beneficial outcomes.

We embrace and leverage differences to foster an inclusive community, both internally and externally. We collaborate across teams, break down siloes and encourage diverse perspectives and backgrounds at all levels to optimize performance. We exhibit mutual respect in all our interactions and assume the best intentions. We treat everyone with care and dignity.

  • We base our service on firsthand, specific, and timely input from our customers, vendors, and employees.
  • Our commitment to listen well stems from the certain knowledge that our friends and partners in business will tell us what we need to know to do our very best and will promptly let us know if we fall short of our goal or their expectations.
Our Goal

Our goal is the profitable, dependable, and efficient manufacture of the finest quality affordable medicines for the good of our customers, families, and communities, and the families and communities of others.

  • Our commitment to the formation of true friendships with our customers, vendors, and employees stems from the certain knowledge that the best ideas are the product of shared information and common goals that benefit all parties.
  • Our commitment to appreciation, inclusion, personal interest, and “win-win” solutions stems from the certain knowledge that long-term, friendship-based relationships equal success in business and in life.
Quality & Efficiency
  • Our commitment to these goals stems from our belief that the profitable production of quality, affordable medicines benefits society.
  • Our commitment to a system of regular performance reviews, onsite job-specific training, and prompt implementation of solutions stems from the certain knowledge that quality, efficiency, and profitability all begin with valued, motivated individuals.
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We Are Proud To Offer Many Benefits
  • The opportunity to join a growing company that is privately owned and has been in operation since 1846
  • The opportunity for continued training and career development
  • A friendly work environment
  • A work/life balance with most weeks ending in a 3-day weekend for production staff
  • No waiting period for benefits to kick in, they start immediately upon hire
  • Generous Paid Time Off Policy, employees with less than 1-year service effective every January 1st will receive over 2 weeks off and it will increase periodically based on years of service
  • 12 Paid Holidays each calendar year
  • Shoe Vouchers that cover up to $90-125 for plant-dedicated footwear
  • Affordable Medical, Prescription, Vision, and Dental Insurance
  • Your name entered in miscellaneous free raffle drawings for employee appreciation events
  • Advanced Training Program eligibility
  • Free Term Life Insurance equivalent to a 1-year annual salary
  • The option to contribute to a 401(k) match and/or Roth retirement savings plan
  • The option to elect supplemental insurance through Aflac
  • The option to elect a Flexible Spending Account for eligible Medical and/or Dependent Care expenses tax-free
  • On-site Benefits Fairs and Financial Fitness Days where representatives from our benefit providers (this includes Liberty Mutual Insurance, United Way of CNY, Verizon, Empower Federal Credit Union, and Summit Federal Credit Union) are on-site to answer questions, review products and services offered, and to enroll employees
  • On-site opportunities to sign up for one-on-one sessions with our 401(k) plan representative to review your retirement plan and/or our Aflac representative to review supplemental insurance
  • Access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers free confidential counseling and referral for numerous personal/family problems
  • The option to borrow materials from our Enrichment Center Library to enable you to gain personal skills likely to enhance both your personal and career development
  • Free Ice Cream, Pizza Parties, company BBQs, and other group events
  • Free Turkeys each November
  • The option to get a free Flu Shot at our Annual On-site Clinic
  • Referral Bonus Eligibility
The Hanford Experience

Before coming to Hanford, I typically changed jobs every 3 years. Since my first day here this has felt like home and 30+ years later it still does. I've had the freedom to develop in my career and to help others do the same. There are many of us who say we "grew up together" at Hanford. It truly is a place to grow and develop while being appreciated and recognized. This is a company with large company benefits and a small company feel - the best of both worlds! - GG

First impressions mean everything and at Hanford, it's the people. From day one everyone is so polite and friendly. A simple hello means a lot and here everyone greets you. Hanford has a unique family atmosphere that is quite refreshing. There is a genuine concern for the well-being of the employees as demonstrated by the company's willingness to adapt to situations that benefit both the employees and the company. The teamwork that is demonstrated every day to achieve a common goal to produce the best product possible is overwhelming. For me, it is exciting to be a part of the Hanford family. - LL

Out of the many different companies that I have worked for, I truly enjoy working for Hanford Pharmaceuticals as they provide a real work-life balance (not just say that they will, unlike many larger companies). Hanford further ensures that the quality of your life outside of work is better with straightforward, low out-of-pocket health insurance, and some of the best, easiest-to-use prescription coverage. In addition to a better work-life balance, Hanford's risk mitigation process for safety is one of the best (and most logical) that I have seen in the industry, including their Covid-19 response. I also really enjoy the people at Hanford Pharmaceuticals; you are truly treated like family here. - SR

Having worked for 18 years at another family-owned manufacturing facility, I was not quite sure if anything would live up to that experience. I have been very pleasantly surprised with my experience here at Hanford! The outgoing nature of employees, friendliness, strive by all for excellence, and openness to suggestions is something every company should have, as it is here. For those looking for health and dental benefits, they are very good compared to other businesses. They also make it a fun place with pizza, BBQ, and ice cream truck events. Hard work, but well-rewarded is appreciated! - JT

Hanford has a work environment where people are friendly and communicate in a positive way. There are opportunities to learn new things and contribute to the success of your department. I feel valued by my team at Hanford! - HM

I like the family atmosphere, and generous holiday and vacation time. Hanford believes in work-life balance. I truly like the dedication of co-workers, all with a common goal of producing products that are "safe, pure, and effective. - MM