A Tradition of Excellence since 1846.
A Tradition of Excellence since 1846.

About Us

Our Mission

Hanford’s mission is to provide and maintain superior quality veterinary products to our customers and to ensure their satisfaction.

What We Do

Hanford Pharmaceuticals (A Pharmasphere Company) has been called “a model for other contract manufacturers.” Pharmasphere has made substantial investments in upgrading its manufacturing lines to uphold product quality, comply with evolving regulations, and sustain competitiveness in the dynamic pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, Pharmasphere has invested and completed a new testing laboratory, Brittonfield Laboratories, which has successfully undergone FDA inspection and approval.

Hanford Pharmaceuticals  is among the most respected contract manufacturers specializing in sterile filling of injectable antibiotics in the United States. Hanford has produced private-label and generic antibiotics for many of the world’s great pharmaceutical corporations-efficient production at unsurpassed quality. In addition to being a contract manufacturer, Hanford also provides superior product development and support services to pharmaceutical companies of every size and function. The company offers value-added consultative and hands-on services throughout all stages of a drug’s life cycle, from product development through commercial scale-up assistance. General operational services such as employee training are also available.

Our Quality

Hanford has been called “a model for other contract manufacturers.” Instruments and equipment include in-house high-performance liquid chromatography, as well as Getinge isolators. But the right tools are only some of the ingredients. Hanford has also invested in the right people, such as scientists with extensive industry experience. Equally important, Hanford line technicians and engineers are immersed in a culture that, since the company’s founding in 1846, has rewarded a professional dedication to product quality. The result? Hanford enjoys a remarkable relationship of mutual trust with regulatory inspectors.

Our Infrastructure

Hanford maintains an engineered matrix of systems that enable multiple production areas to operate at peak efficiency and with complete independence. For example, unlike most producers, Hanford relies exclusively on Water-For-Injection for all line and component flushing, instead of just final washes. In effect, our sterile core is supported by its own WFI generator, as well as compressed air and filtered air source. Hanford strives to engender growth and dynamic range. As a result, our infrastructure is constantly growing, along with our support capabilities and product portfolio. Maintained by a staff of highly experienced and highly qualified professionals, Hanford ensures the efficiency and effectiveness you need.


Hanford employees, at all levels, understand that their job assignments are to not only meet standards and adhere to procedures. The product of their labor is often the first line of defense in preventing or fighting life-threatening infection. Therefore, no one takes his or her responsibility more seriously than Hanford technicians, team leaders, and line supervisors. The Hanford organization, itself, reflects this commitment through mandatory annual recertification programs, continuously reviewed competency ratings, and zero-tolerance for negligence. Hanford production workers have been called the best-trained in the industry.