Hanford Pharmaceuticals is Truly Pioneering

Truly Pioneering

From anti-bacterial liniment, to inventing the mastitis syringe treatment, to filling sterile human and veterinary products, throughout the years Hanford has pushed to be the front runner in the manufacturing of antibiotic products. It is the only remaining independent, family owned, antibiotic contract manufacturer in the USA.

An Eye Toward the Future

With the acquisition of a 36,000 square foot facility which is conveniently located adjacent to its main plant, Hanford welcomes new business opportunities that fall within their niche of penicillins and cephalosporins, as well as projects that go beyond the realm of antibiotics.

Best People & Best Practices

Being a family owned company, Hanford is fortunate to have a workforce that is well educated, well trained, experienced and above all close-knit. Hanford has the capability of completing projects under high FDA standards in a very timely manner.